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Guitarist, Vocalist, Bandleader


Every Sunday: Back Porch Swing guitar duo with Tony Kaye every Sunday from 5-8pm at Smith Flat House. 

2021 Smith Flat Road, Placerville CA. Call (530) 621-1003 for reservations.

Longtime Sacramento guitarist, vocalist and bandleader. All kinds of music!

Solo, Trio, Quartet

"Jimmy Spero is one of the busiest guitarists in Sacramento, and keeps people entertained for hours with beautiful and exciting renditions of songs from every era which he pulls from the large repertoire he keeps in his head, rarely needing to read music (which he does, of course). He plays, he sings, and maintains a wonderful connection with his audiences. Jimmy appears in various jazz festivals, and is excellent in the studio as well." 

Michael Smith, Vision Quest Recording

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